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It’s simple – we are looking to work with high growth startups in the North!

We offer a free service to all suitable startups that includes reviewing your pitch deck, connecting you to relevant investors and potential clients, and if relevant, inviting you along to our investor lounge events*.

Our focus is to provide you with the most suitable and effective support possible. We want you to grow, thrive and succeed as much as you do, and we’ll genuinely do everything we can to ensure that happens.

Giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get the support you need on all aspects of the growth process, we really are here to help. Complete the form below and let’s start talking.

*Our Investor Lounge events give you the opportunity to meet with relevant investors or service providers for short face to face meetings, usually followed by networking. To be included in these events you need to be able to show some traction or have an experienced all-star team. Get in touch for more information.

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