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One to watch… Wattl

Based at Mi-IDEA in Manchester Wattl is a video platform, providing a unique and novel way to discover new content. Imagine a massive zoomable grid in the palm of your hand showing all the latest videos that are trending right now, that’s Wattl.

Information is ubiquitous, fast moving and transient and people want to see what is going on right now. Based on an algorithm the videos stay for as long they are current and relevant. Then they fade and are replaced with new ones. Videos will come from user generated content, mainstream content producers and brands. Wattl is currently implemented as an iOS app.

Paid for features that allow users to promote content will be the main revenue stream for Wattl. Features will include promotion in targeted areas and extended video expiry times.

There is $33 billion of social networking advertising revenue and their customers will be current Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter advertisers.

The Wattl technology has been developed fully in-house, it is a scalable solution using Amazon Web Services and they have a world-wide patent filed with 4 inventions. The content discovery technology is a unique heat map that uses AI algorithms to signpost trending content and search results. The app is currently in beta, but live in the Apple app store.

Wattl will be seeking seed investment later in the year to deliver product market fit ready for rapid growth and series A investment.

They have a small strong team who have worked together for over 12 years. Emma Ryan, CEO, had a successful engineering management career at Ford Motor Company and Matthew Ryan, CTO, has filed patents for Canon, trained the BBC in mobile development, delivered the BBC Android Sport App and created a live video streaming app for an insurance loss adjuster.

Contact: Emma Ryan, emma@wat.tl , Wattl, Mi-IDEA, Bright Building, MSP, Manchester M15 6JJ

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