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Hark! Making their mark in the IoT space…

Hark have developed a cutting edge cloud-based sensor platform that allows users to monitor and gain insight into their environmental data in real-time. Their hardware allows any industry standard sensor to connect to their platform with an almost ‘plug and play’ nature for rapid deployment. This is helping their customers gain valuable insight which in turn delivers cost and time efficiencies.

In the last 10-months, Hark have taken seed investment and used it to, designed and built their wireless hardware and cloud platform and are now shipping their product to blue-chip pharmaceutical companies.

Jordon Appleson, Chief Executive Officer said: “We have been working closely with Microsoft who gave us $120,000 to back their platform and I have just finish touring with them talking to international audiences about Harks advanced uses of Microsoft’s cloud technology. We have some really exciting projects in the pipeline! We are working on technology for smart buildings and cities (including air pollution and air quality) and we are developing some long-range lower-powered technology for even more effective monitoring.”

Ben Roylance, Chief Commercial Officer said: “We have just moved into our new offices so our core focus is on sales. We’ve been talking to one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world about helping them monitor their fridges, freezers and power consumption and we are in talks with a large Northern University about leveraging our platform to ingest and analyse their sensor data.”

It will be interesting to see how Hark evolve over the next 12 months!

Contact:  Jordan Appleson, Chief Executive Officer, Hark, jordan@harksys.com

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